Welcome to Moto-Gym.com
Welcome to Moto-Gym.com

Welcome to the Moto-Gym website. The first Moto-Gymkhana club in the New York Tri-State area.

What is Moto-Gymkhana?

Motorcycle Gymkhana is a motorcycle time trial sport in which you ride in the shortest time on a asphalt or paved course steering between traffic cones or other obstacles.


Each rider runs the course twice and their fastest time determines his placing.

Do I need a special motorcycle to enter?

One of the many great things about Moto-Gymkhana is you can enter on pretty much any normal, street legal motorcycle. It doesn't matter if you are on a large cruiser or a nimble sport 250,  the courses are designed in such a way that its up to a rider's skill and not motorcycle's power, to turn in fast times around the cones. 

How can I take part

Join our Facebook Group.  Sign up for our Newsletter to stay up to date with schedule of events.  Check out the Calendar for events and practice sessions.   Any skill level and motorcycle are welcome.  You can participate in our practice sessions or sign-up for our Competition season.  Visit our Rules page for rules and course conduct.  We also have a Remote Competition section where we have riders from different states as well as countries competing for faster times on different courses.

Best of the best.

This is what Moto Gymkhana is.  This is Yoshinobu Shiga, one of the top Moto Gymkhana riders in Japan.  With enough practice and learning, you can glue your tires* to the asphalt just like him.
Join our Local Events or Remote Competition to start the addiction. 

*All Moto Gymkhana motorcycles are street legal, that includes street legal tires, no racing slicks here. 

NEWS 06.22.15

Blazing new run on "Grapevine" by Kenneth in our Remote Competition!


*Newly submited times are in Bold.




Our Shop page is now open!

We finally have English translation to "Steerage Riding" DVD from Japan.



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Check out some of the
Action Photos
from our recent events.

Photos by Eddie Bershadsky.

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